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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Diving For Paua, Ended Up Finding Treasure

Me and my brother went for a dive for Paua yesterday, we go quite often and usually find a lot of stuff floating about, especially knives. Yesterday I found a nice pair of goggles and my brother found a watch drifting along the bottom. We got just one legal sized Paua before a bloody stingray decided to swim with us and scare us outta the water, thing was huge.

Well, fast forward to home and a quick search on the net, turns out the watch is worth $400 new, score!!!


  1. Wow... That's a very pleasant experience... Do you often dive for treasure hunting?
    I've never been diving for treasure hunting. I just use a metal detector around the field or beach. I also have not been able to find the right location to hunt metal. Can you help me? Do I have to go to the library to find a location that has a lot of treasure?

    1. When I say dive I should really say snorkeling, free diving. I never really know what I'm going to find, usually a feed of fresh seafood, but I love it when I find a useful artifact floating about.

  2. I was teaching some friends how to use scuba in a public pool on a cold cloudy day...the pool was empty...after about an hour I find this ring on the pool floor .It was a gold earring (thats what the jeweller who I took it to a few day later told me)Now my son keeps this gold ring in his treasure box together with a small marble skull pirate knife and other treasure items.Rewind to some years back a friend and I were snorkelling/spearfishing over a coral reef about 200 meters out at sea.I came to this underwater legde about 2 or 3 three metres deep.While exploring I noticed this formation in the rock that was not natural but man was a rectangular box that was deeply embedded in the coral...the coral was actual growing around it.Try as I might even digging with my diving knife I couldnt get it loose.Up for air and down a few more times...the box wouldnt budge.As my diving buddy was far away from me I took a bearing to the shore and swam out to him.Told him about the box.When we came back to the place we couldnt find the right spot as that reef was 400 meters long and 5 or 6 meter wide.Six months later I joined the NSRI (National Sea Rescue Institute) and we were training in this area.I then came to know there were 2 old shipwrecks either side of the reef that I was diving where this coral embedded box lies.Off course! I have dreams of gold bullion and pirate treasure but I didnt go back to dive there though.

  3. I love snorkeling, went out a couple days ago just to check out the sea life at a new spot, couldn't gather any seafood though as there is a ban at the moment, did find a nice dog chain though.

    It's quite amazing how hard it can be at times to navigate underwater, I've lost a few things by deciding to go back for it later and then not being able to find the location I left them.

    Pity you couldn't find the box again, who knows what could have been in it, though you are left with a great story that invokes the idea of pirates treasure, not many people can say that.

    Thanks for the comment Rajein.


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