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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Second Metal Detecting Video And Photos Of My Finds

I really haven't been out in public much with my metal detector, I've been doing a lot of detecting in my backyard and finding quite a lot of varied items. I'm only about 1/5th the way through and there's a few junkier areas I haven't tried yet so that should be fun.

Below is a few pictures of most of my finds, I'm surprised at how many 1 and 2 cent pieces I'm finding, though they did mint a heck of a lot back in the day.

Some of the junk I've been finding.

Various coins, mostly 1 and 2 cent pieces.

My first spoon.

Grosvenor Plate EPNS A1, Electroplated Nickle Silver spoon.

Mount for a rear view mirror, wish I knew for what kind of car.

Patent number brings no joy.

Bronco toy gun, I remember having one of these when I was younger.

Ipana Toothpaste, I can't remember this stuff at all, best I could find is that it lost out to the competition in the early 70's, not sure when they stopped making it in New Zealand though, apparently it's still sold in Turkey.


  1. Addictive is quite right.....I see it as gambling without the risk cause you can never 100% identify what you are gonna dig beforehand with some stuff.

    When you start heading out(since you are new at it) here are some general etiquette that is pretty much standard everywhere and we all try and follow it so that we are free to 'roam' without a bad rep :)

    1) Always have permission from the landowner before searching.
    2) No matter where you detect, city or private land, ALWAYS FILL YOUR HOLES!!
    3) If you carry it in, carry it out. Don't leave your soda pop cans, plastic wrappers, or any other trash behind.

    Wait till you find your first old bullets/silver coins or nice ring....then your addiction will be complete hehehe

    Keep those videos coming to keep us posted

    Happy Hunting Bro

  2. Yea it's been quite a learning curve, I'll probably detect my entire yard before I go out in public again, just so I can be as familiar with my gear as possible, even then I'll probably stick to beaches for awhile.

    All I need now is a good hand trowel so I can dig smaller, using a spade at the moment and my yards starting to look like a mosaic floor.

    Check ya later.

  3. Ipana toothpaste - wow that takes me back a bit.
    My mate's family used that back in the 50's. From memory the taste was not good.
    A beach at sunrise is a great place to start detecting.

  4. Hi.....Re:Hand Trowels don't waste your time with stuff you can buy in the shop....I broke like three and bent maybe 6 more(all different makes)
    Import a Lesche from The States...a bit pricey but worth every cent

  5. I was thinking about getting a Lesche when I ordered the F2, but I ran outta cash. Got any advice on where to order, shipping and costs. I was a little worried about customs thinking it was a huge knife.

    I should have some new videos up mid week, gonna hit the beaches.

  6. Hi.Try TexasPremiumDetectors.....all my stuff from them has only taken 5 working days to arrive.$39.99 + $12.99(shipping)....US Dollars....Mine came through Customs fine...Cheers

  7. Thanks for the heads up TreasureSeeker, they've got some nice shipping rates, I'll probably get one once I have some cash.

  8. Yeah, there are one and two cents everywhere....and yes get a lesche (if you havnt already)..mine cost two weeks my metal detector pays for all my fun stuff, its amazing how it adds up.


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