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Friday, March 25, 2011

Testing The Fisher F2 With 4" Coil With New Zealand Coins

Thought I'd film myself testing out some New Zealand coins with the Fisher F2, didn't realize it at the time but it's kind of hard to see the screen on the F2 due to glare. I'll probably get to doing a test with the 8" coil at some point.

Can't help but feel I've missed out on some finds by using low sensitivity and the 4" coil, but I'll probably go over the yard again with the 8" using different settings, I guess I will have gotten rid of a lot of shallow finds so maybe I'll be digging less holes, only deeper.

Tested a New Zealand Threepence, Sixpence, Shilling, Penny and a 1 and 2 dollar coin.

Got a hunt video coming up where I find a few firsts for me, plus my oldest coin so far.

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