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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bullets and Cash at the Beach

One of my best days out metal detecting, we were hunting at a busy entrance to this beach. I decided to hunt with sensitivity at 4 and 5 bars on the Fisher F2 and it seemed to make a world of difference in identifying targets, I had been using low sensitivity based on a few things I had read online about hunting at the beach, turns out you shouldn't believe everything you read.

$10 bucks in Cash.
Boswell, Hatfield & Co. LTD, Mary St Sheffield, Firth Stanless Knife.
Couple Bullet Shells.
EPNS Spoon.


  1. Good on you Bro for getting out there....Happy Hunting

  2. Nice finds. Never tried doing this myself but it's always interesting what you guys keep on unearthing.


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