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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Silver Sixpence and Half Crowns at the Beach

Had another great hunt at the beach today, got my first silvers with the F2. We picked up where we left off in the last video and detected along a corroding bank that seemed to be releasing it's lost treasure.

1933 NZ Sixpence.

1934 NZ Half Crown.

1934 NZ Half Crown.


  1. Your doing well finding the Half crowns.. most were pulled in the 80s with the old first wave detectorists I recon. I havnt found a silver one yet.. found another 1950 one yesterday... I always think its a 50c piece before cleaning them.

  2. The Half Crown is probably my favorite NZ coin and I was kind of shocked when I found them, really didn't expect to find any, not for a long time, though I haven't found any since.

    The beach I'm hunting has a lot of work being done to the banks and judging from old photos that's where a lot of old timers used to sit and picnic. Before the work the banks looked undetectable, thick bush and scrub, so I'm guessing a lot of the old stuff is still there, well hopefully.



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