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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Awesome Day Metal Detecting, 2 Silver Rings And Our Oldest Coin Yet

Had a great day at the fields we've been detecting, the weather was a bit iffy but it held out. We actually did a bit of reconnaissance over the weekend, scoping out where people gather, it seemed to help out our metal detecting efforts enormously finding two silver rings and our oldest coin so far as well as a few other older coins and some spendable cash.

Best I can tell the stone could be a pink star sapphire, it's a beautiful little thing with the way light reacts to it, need to go have a look at a jewelry store and learn me a thing or two about bling.

We had a lady come up to us wondering if we may have found her husbands ring, she described it and we hadn't, she smiled and went on her way. I wasn't prepared for this, I should have gotten her details because chances are we may find that ring. So next time I'm gonna have pen and paper ready.

Oh, before I go, check out my image gallery, thought it would be a nicer way to view the photos, I got them categorized nicely to.

925 Silver ring with what could be a Pink Star Sapphire.

925 Munted silver ring.
The 2 silver rings.
Old lighter.
Ronson Whirlwind Lighter.
1952 New Zealand Half Penny.
1905 British Penny.
Ilco Australia Key.


  1. Silver is really worth finding all adds up.. well done.

  2. I like that ring with the stone.
    Looks like quite an old style setting.
    Good days hunt.

  3. Cheers, I really didn't know the value of silver when I started detecting, I got a bit of a shock when I found out what half crowns were worth in silver content.

    Wish the ring with the stone had more markings or something to indicate what it is and how old it is.

    Cheers for the comments guys.

  4. Hey mate, Do you have any silver florins or Half crowns you can test on your F2 and tell me what number they give? Shillings give similer readings to $1 coins from what Ive found, cheers!

  5. Sadly the spacies ate up my florins back in the day, gotta wonder how much silver I fed into em.

    Just air tested the two 1934 Half Crowns I found, one was giving a consistent 62 the other a consistent 72, not sure what's going on with that, could be the different states of corrosion or something.

    I remember when I dug them they gave off pretty high signals, 77 and into the 80s.

    Not sure if you caught my reply to your question on my other blog, blogger threw a wobbly and deleted a bunch of comments.

    The silver jewellery I've found has all been pretty high, in the 70s, dipping into the 80s.

  6. Awsome mate thanks for checking that out for me, Havent found any yet, but am up to 147 dug 1c and 92 2c.... am a bit over seeing those coins in the bottom of the hole!

  7. No probs, seen you've been finding a few of the smaller pre-decimals, I've only found 1 silver sixpence and 1 threepence, I'm starting to think they're not out there.

    I'm getting a little tired of the 1 and 2 cent pieces as well, keep expecting a dollar coin and up pops a 1c, though I have plans for em, want to fill up a chest lol.

  8. Haha sounds like a good idea! I can usually tell when its a 1c over the gold coins due to just being a slightly duller signal, not as sharp and solid, Its all about the location for the older stuff, do plenty of research and you will find a good spot. Those are my 1st Threepences Ive found, was thinking the machine was missing them, but they can't have been there to find in the past :P

  9. Most of the silvers over here ring in from 58 - 65, except the larger florins and half crowns, they seem to come up in the 80s. Also depends on the type of soil I think. The little threepences are out there, sometimes just a whisper of a signal especially if they are on egde.

  10. so i wonder if you have had the star sapphire looked at to see if it is real or a Lindy (or similar) product....?

  11. I've been finding it a little tricky on small targets just because of the position they're in, it's like they just disappear.

    I haven't had that ring looked at, so it's still a mystery, my mom claimed it, couldn't say no to her what with her giving birth to me and all hehe.

    Haven't been out in weeks, the ground around here is pretty water logged, everything just turns to mud, need to get me some gumboots.

  12. That pinks star sapphire ring looks creepy. I think its real gem which means you have made a great metal detecting work.


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