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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Three Days Worth of Hunting

We probably did 10 hours worth of hunting over those three days, most of which was at the large sports field. Our best finds were the two pieces of jewelry, our first ever, a silver pin and a junk ring.

Not quite sure what to do with the silver pin, I don't think it's worth much, but I guess it could be easy to find the owner, what would you guys do?

We found loads of the old decimal coinage, me jars getting pretty full now, found it strange that we found no pre-decimals at all, I'm guessing the field may have been hunted out back in the day, though we really didn't cover much and passed on a lot of targets, the place was full of junk.

I'm hoping to get back to my secret spot very soon, seemed to be nothing but old coins and $$$, the parks right next to a little row of shops, I think that's what's making it so good for coins.

Three Days Worth of Finds.
Silver Pin With Maybe a Gem and Alisa Written on it.

Sterling Silver Pin.

Copper Ring Maybe With A Few Stones.

Three Toy Cars.


  1. its amazing how many of those broken keys you come across...
    You always find something interesting...

  2. Find more cars and start a toy shop maybe.
    That'a cute silver pin.

  3. My third most common finds are toy cars, though they're usually munted. I keep finding a lot of car keys, usually very rusty, there's an old hospital near where I live that could have a lot of big old keys, probably need to get permission to dig up there though, need to look into it more.


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