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Monday, April 25, 2011

A Day At The Park Metal Detecting

Spent the other day at a local park metal detecting and it was probably the best hunt I've been on so far, mostly because it was just a great day at a park, the finds weren't so great. I went about midday and was expecting the park to be busy and it was, I drew a lot of attention with the strange looking machine dangling from my arm, all feedback was positive and full of interest.

It was my best coin day so far, most I've found on one hunt, though nothing to write home about. I'm a little concerned that I'm not finding a lot of the smaller pre-decimals, they're either not there, which is fine or the F2 is not picking them up, guess I just have to do some more testing.

The first 4 photos below are from my backyard, the toy handcuffs are my favorite non-coin find so far, the rest are finds from the park.
Toy Handcuffs.
Toy handcuffs, Crescent Toy Co, Made In Gt Britain.
Nickel Silver Fork.
My First Watch.
1952 New Zealand Penny.
1950 New Zealand Penny.
1959 New Zealand Penny.
1947 New Zealand Half Penny.
1939? British Half Penny.
Munted 1962? New Zealand Half Penny.

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  1. About that New Zealand 1/2 penny looks more like a 3/4 penny...LOL

    Love the site my friend!


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